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    Experience a golf course hole by hole visual tour like never before.
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About 36tee

So much more than just great vision



With 36tee.com you are part of an ever changing ,always growing visual service



We Capture

Using UAV's , HD cameras & stabilised gimbles we offer an unlimited range of footage.

We Edit

We combine UAV, CGI & NFC technology to compile a comprehensive visual package.

We Host

We host the fly over hole vision allowing flexibility in website integration. In addition we carry out an intensive SEO and promotional campaign.

We Revisit

We reinvigorate the CGI hole fly overs every 2 years , keeping you current & our technology cutting edge

To be able to have an in-depth viewing of an otherwise unseen golf course

through video flyovers gives a golfer a major advantage by increasing

the percentage of accurate shot selections and the achievement

of the ideal performance state (IPS) or zone golfers aspire to.

Has to be worth at least 5 shots per round.


RICHARD MEADOWS B.App. Science (Exercise and Sports Science)

Meet the team


Andy Shuttleworth

Andy Shuttleworth



Jack Hurley

Jack Hurley



Why choose 36tee

36tee.com provides a complete visual solution for golf courses & a unique strategic tool for all the golfers out there

Why to choose us

We create & host the fly throughs for you to use in whichever way best suits your club

We combine CGI (computer generated imagery) , gyro stabilised gimbals ,UAV technology & NFC to provide the most thorough, cutting edge visuals available

36tee.com operates on a monthly subscription opex model which eliminates the large upfront capital expense.

Not only do we have the online visuals covered, we also have 'Tap & Tee' NFC signs to provide on-course visual presence which is a valuable tool for all golfers.

We revisit every 2 years, keeping your fly throughs current & our technology cutting edge

We carry out on course survey grade 3D irrigation, planning and course DEM models

Pricing Structure

Monthy Inclusions

From $300

Per Month

  • Promo video
  • CGI hole flyovers
  • 3D computer generated models
  • 'Tap & Tee' NFC QR signs
  • 3D computer generated models
  • High bandwidth hosting
  • SEO & Promotional efforts.